from by Coffin On Tyres



Sinking deeper, in my old fears
Is it time to kill the light again?
Nearer, but it seems fair
Should I try to shut my eyes again?
I will...

Stay awake just as long as I can
But it’s not gonna move you
Cast these loops right out of my head
And it’s gonna take some time
Gotta mistify it all again
Gotta purify it all again
Take these pills just to
Ease all this pain
So I won’t even touch you
Find a space far away from this bed
That I could call mine
Gotta glorify it all again
Gotta pacify it all again

Restless sinner, it’s been a year
Are we up to make it all insane?
Clearer are my nightmares
Should ‘ve tried to hold’em Back again...
I will...

Learn to pray just as good as I can
Just enough to protect you
Grab these feelings beginning to fade
Just in case you’re still on line
Gonna mystify all again
Gonna purify all again
Think of what still makes me a man
Seemed the best that I could do
Push away all the mistakes I’ve made
And it’s not gonna feel fine
Get glorified all again Get pacified all again

It’s almost time now to realize
It’s getting hard not to visualize
Midday sleeper, it ain’t so bad
Should I try to end it all again?
I will...


from ERASE, released November 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Coffin On Tyres Paris, France

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